"LA BORICUA" is an illustration that is close to my heart. This illustration is a fuse between the traditional Puerto Rican woman with the modern. Her tattoos are Taino symbols which represent the sun, the coqui frog which is only found on our island and water which the island is surrounded by. She is illustarted playing the conga, in an all white traditional dress which represents our main rhytm, Bomba Y Plena. This sound was derived from our African ancestors and is often used to celebrate them through rituals involving music, food and rum. Hoops where seen on Boricua woman dating back centuries but gold bamboo hoops are often found on the modern Boricua along with a fresh pair of Jays. This is La Boricua. 


This art print will help fund my trip to volunteer in Puerto Rico for a week with All Hands and Hearts. I will be helping to rebuild homes that have been destroyed after Hurrican Maria. You can see more info by visiting the link below. I truly appreciate your donations! =)




  • 8 1/2 x 11 card stock print
  • autographed by ARRRTADDICT. 





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